What are the Duties of an Au pair?

An Au pair must be naturally child dear and want to be together with children. Practical experiences in Babysitting, Youth employment or by internship in kindergartens are of advantage.


Typical Duties of Au pair's in Germany | Child care:

  • In the morning wake the children up and help them dress up.
  • Tidy up the children's room, vacuuming and making their beds.
  • Accompany the children to the toddler group, to the kindergarten or to the school.
  • Take small trips together with the children (e.g. zoo visits, picnics in the park, Cinema visit etc.).
  • Prepare small meals (simple meals).
  • Infant support: play, feed, bath, taking them for a walk, changing diapers etc.
  • Support of Pre- school going children: make handicraft work, paint, accompany to the playground and to their play comrades, play parlor games etc.
  • School going child support: homework supervision, parlor games, Sport, make handicraft work, paint etc.

Typical Duties | Easy housework:

  • Tidy up your own room (including dusting and Vacuuming).
  • Loading the washing machine, hang up laundry and fold.
  • Ironing the children's clothes, possibly also the laundry of guest parents (only by arrangement).
  • Prepare meals (e.g. peel potatoes).
  • Prepare small meals for the children.
  • Set the table and /or clear.
  • Load the dishwasher and /or unload.
  • Small shopping (no bulk shopping), food stuff unpacking etc.
  • Assistance with easy gardening and taking care of the domestic animals (Pets).

Not Au pair Duties:

  • Hard housework like e.g. cleaning windows, cleaning the car, Renovation work, doing large shopping does not belong to light Housework.
  • Light housework is to an appropriate extent be undertaken by the Au pair. An Au pair has usually above all time for the children and most duties are limited with priority to childcare.